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Andris Hemsing (born 1995) plays both folk music and classical music. He has studied Hardanger fiddle in Valdres, and has also been a student of classical music at the Talent School at Barratt Due Music Institute in Oslo. At the same time Andris was a part of a talent program for jazz and improvisation at the Norwegian Academy of Music. Andris has several top scores and prizes as a Hardanger fiddle player at Landskappleiken and other competitions for Norwegian folk music.

He has been invited to Bergen International Festival, Hilmar Festival in Verdal, Northern Light Festival in Tromsø, Fjelljazzen at Beitostølen and Dølajazz in Lillehammer. He has also been a guest artist at NRK’s Folk Music radio program, and he was awarded Eckbo’s scholarship for young folk musicians at the Telemark Festival in 2011. Andris was invited to Førde International Festival in the “Talent 2014” project, and in 2015, Andris was the musician of FRIKAR dance company on the critically acclaimed dance performance “Gotoguta”. During the autumn of 2017, he was on tour as the musician for FRIKAR X in the dance project “Slepp”.



Bente Hemsing graduated as an instrumentalist and violin teacher from Østlandets Musikkonservatorium in Oslo, alongside being an active folk musician from an early age. She has worked for many years as a performing artist in Valdres folkemusikkgruppe. With her special abilities for teaching, talent development and communicating the joys of music, is she a very sought-after pedagogue. She now works as the head of the culture school in Etnedal and as a freelance musician and teacher of the harding fiddle, violin and traditional song.

Hemsing has worked for the Norwegian Broadcasting Company NRK, as an orchestra musician in professional symphony orchestra's, and she has toured with folk music programs for Rikskonsertane in both Norway and India. She was for a period a permanent violinist with Stavanger Symphony Orchestra and Oslo Baroque Orchestra.

She has taught in culture schools, high schools, at Baratt Due music institute and at Valdres Summer Symphony, at different orchestra and folk music seminars, and she has been a lecturer of traditional music at the college level. Hemsing also regularly serves as a judge in competitions on folk music and dance, and as a member of different juries for music scholarships.

Bente Hemsing has won a number of prizes, such as Andris Dahles Minnepris for harding fiddle (1998), and in 2004 she released the critically acclaimed CD Solé sprett, with folk music from Valdres, which she arranged herself. In 2014, she received Eckboes Legaters Kulturpris for her efforts as a cultural communicator at the Literary Festival in Lillehammer. In recent years, she has developed an active collaboration with Stein Villa. They have, amongst other things, toured with Den kulturelle skolesekken, Rikskonsertene in Oppland, and Den kulturelle spaserstokken.


Folk music

Einar Olav Larsen (born 1979) is a freelance folk musician and teacher, based in Verdal in Trøndelag. He has had a growing business wince he graduated from ‘Spelemannskolen’ at the Ole Bull Academy in 2000. For the last few years he has been active with his own trio, as well as with his brother, Gjermund Larsen. Together they received ‘Spellemannsprisen’ (Norwegian Grammy’s), in the category folk music/traditional music, and the two of them regularly collaborates with the Hemsing sisters and the Trondheim Soloists. He has also won the Osa-prize, Hilmar Alexandersen’s music prize and the Ole Vig-prize.


He combines tours both domestically and internationally with a strong connection to his local community, and loves to accompany local dances as well as concerts.


Along with his regular fiddle, Einar Olav also plays the Hardanger fiddle. He is one of the few class A-fiddle players on both fiddle and harding fiddle. Einar Olav has his musical base from the heritage of Hilmar Alexandersen, one of Norway’s foremost folk musicians from the last century, as well as rhythmical and distinctive Verdals-music!


Folk music

Gjermund Larsen enjoys a position as one of the most respected and active performers and composers on the contemporary Norwegian folk music scene. The Norwegian State Academy educated fiddler and composer has received several prices for his music. In 2002 he became the youngest fiddler ever to win the Norwegian Championship in traditional folk-fiddling, and in 2011 he was nominated for the Grammy Awards in the category “small ensemble performance” together with the Trondheim Soloists.

Larsen’s proper debut as a composer came in the form of the work ‘Brytningstid’ which was commissioned by the Telemark Festival in 2006. The majority of the work is devoted to new, contemporary and original folk music which draws inspiration from the local dance music traditions of the Verdal area in the Trøndelag region. Double bassist Sondre Meisfjord and pianist/organist Andreas Utnem were featured at the premiere of ‘Brytningstid’ and the three have continued the fruitful collaboration to date. The three band members represent a wide range of genres ranging from classical and contemporary to jazz and pop as well as traditional folk music – a diverse background that results in a highly aesthetic and rewarding sonic landscape. 


In 2008 they received the Norwegian Grammy for their debut-album “Ankomst”, and their second album “Aurum” (2010), was nominated in two categories. Their third album “Reise”, was released in March 2013.


Folk music

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